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Medical Equipment Maintenance

Regardless of the type and brand of your medical equipment, it is needed proper care and maintenance to deliver a long service life. 

In addition to Selling, Buying and Renting radiology systems, our company is also providing services for maintaining, repairing and upgrading refurbished and new medical equipments. We offer maintenance for a wide range of medical devices, but we specialise in MRI and CT. 

For the maintenance of medical equipments it is necessary to have mechanical and technical skills, which involves identifying and solving practical, active problems with proper tools and machinery. 

Our technicians are skilled professionals and trained to provide you convenient and efficient services. To handle their work, they use a large variety of tools, including computers with specialized software, hand tools and other electronic devices to adjust or/and fix malfunctioning equipments. 

Due to a rapidly evolving technology in the medical industry, our staffs are constantly updating their skills and knowledge in medical equipments. 

Also, we can provide you routine scheduled maintenance to ensure that all equipments are in good working conditions. 

For CT scanners we can also provide all types of tubes. 

For both MRI and CT scanners we offer 24 and 48 hour response time according to our contract. 

Choosing our maintenance service, you will be assured by our highly skilled technicians that your medical equipment is safe, functional and properly configured. 

Drop us an email and we will provide you with a quote for full service contracts for all types and brands for MRI and CT scanners.